André Vieira

His profound expertise makes him a sought-after figure in the international ballroom dance community.

Gustaf Lundin

At Irene’s dance school in Gothenburg when I was only 6 years old, I discovered dance, it was the beginning of a wonderful passion.

Claus Wodstrup

I am an avid Standard dancer and teacher, also trained in the Latin dancers.
I train other dance teachers and judges – nationally and internationally.

Erik Hento

A dancer’s personality, preferences and ability to adapt make her a traveler on her own path. When a dancer has a strong vision and trusts themselves and their abilities, something big happens.

Martino Zanibellato

For me, everything starts with the music. My father played the drums, my brother the guitar, and I myself played the piano.
Music has always been in our home. That’s why I dance, to express what I hear and the feelings the music evokes.